• He’s being held in a correctional center in Miami.

The charges Dammy Krane is facing

Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane risks going to jail if he is unable to pay a stipulated fine for grand theft.

TheNETng findings show that according to Florida state law, third degree grand theft attracts a five-year jail term or a fine of $5,000.

Dammy Krane is currently being held on a four-count charge for credit card scam, grand theft (third degree), forgery and armed robbery.

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A thorough look at the US criminal code explains that grand theft, also called grand larceny, is a term used throughout the United States designating theft that is large in magnitude. Grand theft is contrasted with petty theft, which is theft that is of smaller magnitude or lesser seriousness.

TheNETng also sought to know if the singer may risk being deported to Nigeria to be tried by the Nigerian Government.

But Nigerian lawyer, Ikechukwu Uwannah, tells NET that the United States may not move to deport the singer to Nigeria because he has committed a crime against the US.

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‘He has used a credit card which is not his, so he will be prosecuted for it,’ Ikechkukwu said.

The lawyer further stated that when the case is taken to court, the final decision will rest in the hand of the judge to oversee.

Dammy Krane was arrested on June 2 and taken into custody after paying for a private jet with stolen credit cards.