I was my father’s seco wife – Juliana Olayode reveals
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Fast rising Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby of Jenifa’s diary has revealed that she was her father’s second wife in her new book, titled “REBIRTH”.

Revealing that she was her father’s favorite child, as she was the only light skinned in their family, she wrote:
My dad always had a soft spot for me; we were close. In those days, when he wanted
to submit a quotation for a job, he would tell my mum to pray over it. After my mum had
prayed, he would bring it to me to do same. He believed in my prayers. I would say I was
my dad’s second wife.
She also wrote about how he bragged about being her father:
Whenever he wanted to visit his friends, then, he would take me along. He did that
not only because he enjoyed my company, but also because he took pleasure in hearing
the comments his friends passed, praising him for having a beautiful daughter. I am the
only fair-complexioned child of my parents and people called me Oyinbo. I was not only
fair but had long black hair.
On different occasions, my dad would have my mum wear a ready-made flowery
dress for me and any of my elder sisters available would pack my hair into two with
ribbons my dad bought. On our many trips, people would stop us and say nice things.
Whilst I was blushing, my dad would usually say, “na my pikin o”.

The next question, usually, was “why she con yellow like this and you con black?”
and my dad would say, “na God o”. He took delight in explaining that to any and
everyone who stopped us on our way to his friends’ houses. Some of the admirers gave
me money, some bought things for me, and for the female admirers, they took turns
touching my hair.