Harrysong’s manager has responded to the claims by Nigerian music producer, Chimbalin, that the singer and songwriter, abandoned him and forgot their agreement as he is yet to pay him for producing the song, “Tribute To Mandela.”
Recall, music producer, Chimbalin, in a chat with Pulse had accused singer Harrysong of abandoning him and not fulfilling his promise to pay him 10 percent of whatever proceeds he gets from the song “Tribute To Mandela,” which is currently a ring tune and caller back tune on MTN network.

Now, Harrysong’s team have reacted to the claims as Pulse had sought to get a reaction and placed a call through to his manager, Mr Desmond Chima.
However, the calls were not answered as the phone number of Harrysong’s manager rang endlessly without a response.
In furtherance, a message was promptly sent to the number for a response over the claims by Chimbalin and after some hours of wait, Mr Chima replied our message.
He wrote;

“We are tired of people seeking undue attention and popularity by trying to drag Harrysong’s name to disrepute.

Chambalin should improve on his craft and stop trying to be heard via unecessary controversy.”